Replace Your Crumbling Retaining Walls With a Versa-Lok System

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Retaining walls do more than enhance your landscaping. When properly installed, a retaining wall can prevent soil erosion and keep debris out of your pool. You can even use a retaining wall to create a level space on your sloped lot.

Willis Landscape and Concrete will handle your retaining wall installation from start to finish. We'll use Versa-Lok products to ensure that your retaining walls stand the test of time.

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Forget about replacing your retaining wall every few years

Versa-Lok retaining walls are built to last. They're also known for their...

  • Effective erosion control: With a retaining wall, you can keep soil where it belongs-in your garden and out of your pool.
  • Minimal maintenance: You won't have to replace your backfill soil every time it rains.
  • Sturdy design: Versa-Lok's interlocking blocks weigh 90 pounds. As a result, your retaining wall can withstand the heaviest rains and winds.

Willis Landscape and Concrete is a Versa-Lok contractor serving Newburgh, IN; Evansville, IN; and surrounding areas. When you choose us for your retaining wall installation, tell us about your design preferences-Versa-Lok products come in four colors.

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